two years a londoner


Two years ago today I was on the brink of my biggest challenge yet. I was consumed with butterflies, a complete mix of nerves and excitement, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt such a mix of emotions in one day. One month; I walked with a new spring in my step. Three months; I never wanted to move home. Six months; my new normal hit, reality bites. One year; I was enveloped in pride. 18 months; I could see my life at home, but I couldn’t see me in it.

Two years? The jury’s still out.

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a couple of blondes in belgium


In all honesty Belgium has never been at the top, or even really very present on my travel bucket list. It was a country you passed through on your way to Amsterdam and another destination on the Eurostar – but never somewhere I had really considered going. However with a couple of days off work mid-week, the Belgian Christmas markets in full force and rave reviews from my housemate and her family – three days in December in Belgium happened. And I fell in love.

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the paris of the east


Despite a day in Transylvania, my knowledge of the capital city of this South Eastern European country was in all honesty slim to none. So slim however, that my perceptions of Romania and Bucharest were embarrassing really; that human trafficking was rife and Gypsy culture was largely present. Not my finest hour given it’s the sixth largest city in the European Union. Continue reading

driving to dracula


The East is a part of The Continent I haven’t ventured much to. While I’ve had a few days in Prague and Budapest, that’s about as far as my Eastern block adventures go. So when £40 return flights to Bucharest, Romania popped up my rubber arm was easily twisted.

We took off from the tin shed of Luton airport Friday evening and ventured three hours away and two hours ahead of British time, landing us at Otopeni Airport, Romania around 11pm. With an airport code of OTP (‘On The Piss’ , mum) and four girls on a Romanian getaway, our first night couldn’t have been more different. We exchanged our Brexit’d value decreasing Pounds for some Leu (5 Leu to 1 Pound), placed our seemingly pointless order on the taxi lottery machine and waited for our caped knight to drive us in to Bucharest city. Continue reading