Two ‘gals’ {sisters} in Portugal during a completely cloudless, warm summer – it’s safe to say what you’re picturing will be relatively accurate.

Laughter. Sunscreen. Cheese and crackers. Tanning Oil. Espresso Martini’s. Sand. 90’s tunes. Wine. Bikinis. Seafood.

We based ourselves in Lagos – one of the most visited towns on the Algarve coast. The town lies on the bank of the Rio Bensafrim, with piazzas and churches scattered throughout what felt more like a cobbled lane village, bordered with old town walls. For a tourist hotspot, Lagos has the lot I guess. It hosts a wide range of food options, you can walk almost everywhere and you can get a taste of the cliff formation style Atlantic beaches the region is famous for within a short walk of the centre of town. With a busy summer vibe, a non-daunting cultural influence and a pumping nightlife (from what we hear), I guess it’s not surprising that people of all ages are drawn to Lagos. However, it just wasn’t for me. Continue reading