drama before palma


For a trip that we have aptly shared the trashy yet highly entertaining British show TOWIE’s hashtag for, #nodramainpalma – so far it’s been anything but.

Casting my mind back to the casual Thursday night with the bestie and a bottle of red at our local Vietnamese, I now see why we thought our sporadic flights to Majorca seemed to be a bloody bargain mate!

Bargain perhaps, correctly booked – not so much.

Checking in online the morning before an evening flight is about as organised as I get when it comes to travel (I can hear my mother tutting and eye rolling as I wrote this). Sitting st my desk this morning, in my travel ready outfit, suitcase half packed, hyperactive levels at an all time high, I found it kinda strange that there was only one person on the booking to check in. Weird, I laughed.

I scanned through emails, bank statements and online booking sites. Hmmm something doesn’t quite add up.

Two girls. One flight. Sh*t.

After a frantic hour or two on skyscanner, lastminute.com, Ryanair & bravofly – I’m now sitting at Gate 5, South Terminal, Gatwick waiting to board my flight to Palma, Majorca.

Meanwhile, my traveling partner in crime is sitting at Luton Aiport, awaiting her new flight to Palma, Majorca.

… those who fly apart, stay together?! Not the traditional use of the saying, but we’re going with it. Don’t drink and book kids – well actually do, it’s fun, but just maybe make sure the right number of passengers were selected.  The more I do this, the more I realise that a) I need to grow up be slightly more sensible (?) and b) there’s never a dull moment when Shearie and I are having wines or booking travel!

Adios London! Here’s to three days of sun, sea, sand & cocktails (& probably a few million German, British and in-betweeners-esque holiday makers).


Sarah x


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