drama before palma


For a trip that we have aptly shared the trashy yet highly entertaining British show TOWIE’s hashtag for, #nodramainpalma – so far it’s been anything but.

Casting my mind back to the casual Thursday night with the bestie and a bottle of red at our local Vietnamese, I now see why we thought our sporadic flights to Majorca seemed to be a bloody bargain mate!

Bargain perhaps, correctly booked – not so much. Continue reading


like mother, like daughter



What a ten weeks it has been: the disaster of Brexit (remaIN all the way), heart wrenching terror attacks, the coldest and wettest June in history and basically the entire British parliament quitting their day jobs leaving us in an array of utter confusion and market decline…. the upside for me of the last ten weeks was of course, as you know, my parents coming to visit – and my mum staying!

While I bid a teary farewell to my dad 8 weeks ago, the silver lining of my mascara stained cloud was that the hilarious, kind, wonderful person that is my mother, was staying – staying for 8 more weeks! Continue reading