After cleaning the bomb-site of my flat the morning after the incredible surprise birthday party my amazing London girls threw for me, I sat down on the couch, head throbbing, body aching, face yawning. Shearer was dying on the couch opposite me and we were trying to remember what had happened the night before. I opened up my laptop to jump onto deliveroo in the hope that some greasy, delivered takeaway would cure our pains. Oddly, the first thing I saw when I opened my thin silver mac was a bright blue celebratory screen…


Ahhhhh sh*t. I really have to stop doing this.

Skip ahead four weeks and I was at Liverpool St Station eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Flossie’s so we could board our train out to the airport. After a year and a quarter of the flossie’s being our London posse, this was to be our first ever trip together. Watch out Sweden!

Following the recent incidents in Paris and Brussels, the airport security struggle is real. UGH. Stansted Airport has never been a favourite of ours but these days it’s worse than ever. After we had out suitcases pulled apart, our shoes taken off along with our belts and coats, enduring the pat down, the scanning and basically being swabbed – we walked the mini marathon to Gate 385 54. Once seated, we kicked back in our delightful navy blue and yellow leather seats with all the legroom in the world and ordered a glass of their finest prosecco. Ten minutes later, our hopes and dreams were crushed – not sure why we were surprised; our legs were crammed and stuck to the pleather and our disappointment was rife at the lack of prosecco. Red wine it was then.

Our Ryan Air wheels touched down in Stockholm and we jumped on a bus that took us directly to Central Station. We then used our ever-growing public transport reading/language translating skills and learned that needed to get the T2 metro four stops and walk ten minutes to our air bnb. Flossies – nailing it.

Our apartment for the weekend was like something straight out of Urban Outfitters. Needless to say, the flossies were a happy posse. Given our fantastic drunk planning, we had a limited 36 hours in the Swedish capital so an early night was on the cards in advance of our exploration plans.

Alas, we woke up to rain, thick grey skies, wind and a bitter cold temperature. We wandered the city as much as we could, heading in towards Sofo for what we knew would be effortlessly cool, Scandi style shopping. We ate a typical Swedish breakfast at Urban Deli, went to the indoor food markets at Ostermalms, dabbled in some wine and oysters before heading back to our Urban Outfitters haven to get ready to go out for the evening.

On our way back, we learnt a very valuable lesson about Stockholm which genuinely broke Anna’s and my hearts…


A couple of 3% beers it was then.

After a few beers we put on our glad rags and went to Restaurang AG – a highly recommended place to be ‘seen’. Now don’t get me wrong – we knew all about Stockholm’s expensive reputation in advance and accepted we hadn’t exactly picked a place that would make Time-outs cheap eats list, but the wine list and menu still managed to make me feel like I’d been sucker punched right in my wallet. I went for the Steak Tartar – entrée size – while my fellow gal-pals went for a scotch fillet, the short ribs and the ox tail. The wine was smooth and the food was rich. It was the company however that was the best part. There really is nothing quite like wining and dining in a fancy pants restaurant with your best girlfriends overseas.

Although it rained, blew and froze, seriously limiting our adventures and putting a slight damper on what I know is a city that is anything but Stock-standard, for me this trip was more about the company and the experience (oh, and of course the food!), not the place.

Sarah xo

1b 3a 4a

// Info ~

WHAT // Restaurang AG – a hipster, gentrified restaurant complete with its own dry-aging room for a range of cuts of steak
WHERE // Stockholm, Sweden
HOW // Catch the underground to Fridhemsplan station and it’s only a short walk along the main street to the alleyway that AG is on
TOP TIP // Order the cheapest red wine by the glass – oddly enough, it’s cheaper to buy a few glasses than it is the bottle!


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