blue with envy


So it’s your first winter in London. You’re not overly concerned – winter lasts around 3 months, temperatures rarely drop below 13 degrees and summer is just around the corner – right?


Turns out, London does this winter thing quite differently to Auckland. It’s rarely above 7 degrees (actually, that’s quite tropical here…), it’s dark all the time, you have to face it front on morning and night due to your heavy complete reliance on public transport and the supposed three-month season goes on and on and on…and on. The sight of sunshine and blue skies and the feeling of warmth seem like a faint and distant memory that you think once happened but is so far out of your grasp it’s now more like a cruel torture method than a comforting memory.

If dealing with winter and all of his sidekicks wasn’t hard enough – trying to cope with your social media news feed is the real kick you in the crotch, spit on the neck fantastic. Continue reading


one year a londoner


One year ago today, I walked through the departures gate at Auckland Airport, my vision blurred by tears, my head filled with fears, my heart shattered from goodbyes…my soul ignited with hope, excitement and adventure.

Ironically, my London anniversary week has been my biggest failed attempt (a complete and utter shambles actually) at London life – however, one year down I can safely say that it was one of the hardest, but very best years of my life.

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