For those of you who love to travel, you don’t need me to inform you on the benefits of TripAdvisor. As an excited pre-traveler, it’s a great way to research things to do, places to eat, drink and sleep. As traveler on holiday or just back from one – it’s a great way to review, rate and recommend things you have done and places you have eaten, drunk and slept!

In this day in age, user generated reviews are the way to go. The beauty of travel lies within personal experience and perception and as humans, we all have very different perceptions on anything and everything. Therefore, what better way to mould and plan aspects of your trip than with some real life reviews by previous travellers. TripAdvisor reviews are different to the ones you read in travel magazines or testimonials on websites that are usually sponsored and paid for…these are organic, real and raw – a lot of contributors live by a no holds barred type mantra.


I only started reviewing my experiences recently during a trip to Rome and I have quickly become a huge fan. Surprisingly it looks like it’s a two-way street – my reviews are being enjoyed! I’m pretty happy to be in the top 25% most popular TripAdvisor contributors in London after only a few months!

Jump on the website, do some research, write your own reviews and read my write ups – and my blog of course – for upcoming reviews, ratings and recommendations!

Sarah x



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