I’ve always been close to my parents, they’re two of my absolute favourite people in the world. I’ve always turned to them in times of both happiness and sadness but now that I am on the other side of the world, my love and adoration for them has grown tenfold.

As I was reading this article on Elite Daily (8 things I want my parents to know before its too late) I felt tears welling in my eyes and decided they deserve a bit of a shout out…apologies in advance to those of you who aren’t my parents – this may get soppy!

Susie Q & GP – you two are incredible. I honestly do not know what I would do with out either of you. I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for me for the last 28 years – even more so since being in London. As hard as it is being physically so far away from you, you guys are still the people I turn to first in happiness and sadness. Your opinions, advice and care are invaluable and i’m only appreciating it more the older I get and the longer I am away. The support you have given both sissy and I on our ventures across oceans is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed; not once have you made me feel guilty about leaving or bad about not being around. I’ll never forget it and I’ll always respect it. Thank you for letting me travel off in to the big wide world, always being so happy and excited about everything I am getting up to and staying so actively involved in my London life. I look up to you and if I turn out half as amazing as you both by the time i’m your age i’d consider myself very lucky. Thank god for FaceTime – but what I wouldn’t do for a bottle (or two!) of wine and a bbq with you. I miss you both every day.

Enjoy your empty nest – for now – we’ll be back!


Sarah x



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