n4 supper club


A few Saturday nights ago, us Flossies found an absolute gem of a restaurant. It was ridiculously cheap (our entire meal came to around £8 each – including entrees, mains and corkage!), it was on our Main Street and it was B.Y.O. The best part? The food was absolutely to die for!

Vegetarian Indian – who would’ve thought this Flossie would’ve fallen in love with it as much as she did?!

After a few glasses (/bottles) of wine we realised that we need to be doing this more often. Thus, the N4 Supper Club was born.

Once a month, one of us must reaearch and chose a restaurant for the four of us to try. We all must attend, it must be have an N postcode (not even NW’s allowed), we can’t have been there before and it must be cheap (around £10 per main).

Tonight is the first round – missub being the debut selector.

Game on Flossies – I’m starving!

Sarah x


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