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Not to blow my own trumpet – or beep my own horn – but tonight I accomplished something pretty impressive. Well, I think so anyway.

Bucket list or not, I’ve ticked off driving in London. Another string to my London bow.

Not only did I drive in London – which for many (including me) is an accomplishment in itself – but I drove from Wimbledon (South West) to Finsbury Park (North), in peak hour traffic, in a manual, alone.

I made it home safe and sound in just over an hour and a half, still happily singing along to T-Swift. I made it over Putney Bridge, I conquered the Hammersmith roundabout in one go and I sat in stop start traffic for thirty minutes on the Marleybone flyover hill in a manual with a high clutch. I only took one wrong (& easily corrected) turn and was only beeped at once (which to be fair, was a totally justified beep!). Once I got to Camden, I even turned off google maps and made it up the road; home!

Now I realise this may not my most exciting post – sorry ’bout that – but this blog is as much of a memoir for me as it is for you & I therefore want to document it to remind myself of it in the future when I will no doubt be complaining about Auckland traffic.

October 1st 2015 – the day I conquered London on four wheels! Tomorrows roadie: Cardiff!

Sarah x


One thought on “toot toot

  1. My full respect! I don’t know whether it would be for me a dream or a nightmare to drive in London – I really like driving, and usually, I don’t mind driving in a city. But driving on the left … naah I’m not sure :)


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