eight months a londoner


Eight. I can’t believe that as of today, I have been here eight whole months. I’ve been so busy (& having so much fun) ingraining myself in my new life that I was shocked I was up to my eight London update post. Clearly, I completely missed my seventh…says it all really!

It’s crazy how quickly things change, but it’s even crazier how quickly things become normal.

The last few weeks have been the most challenging in my career to date. I’ll paint the outline of the picture for you…it’s currently 2am and I’m lying in bed, wide awake. Why the insomnia? It’s the eve of my biggest experiential campaign yet; London Fashion Week – for none other than global beauty brand and London Fashion Week and Weekend sponsor; Maybelline.

No biggie.

Aside from producing three incredible spaces and experiences at arguably the second largest Fashion Week event in the world, I’m also working on some other huge brands, projects and experiences. I guess it’s stating the obvious to say I’ve been feeling the pressure of late.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge and this is exactly why I’m here – to push myself and to get exposure to the big wide world outside of my Auckland bubble….but sometimes it’s scary and quite daunting – not to mention exhausting! After all, I’m just a small New Zealand fish in a huge London pond. I’m treading water, but sometimes the fear of drowning is pretty overwhelming.

Queue stress, anxiety, insomnia and exhaustion. A vicious cycle on the Experiential Marketing roundabout.

Although I’ve been feeling out of my comfort zone a lot lately, in other ways I have noticed how comfortable and at ease I am in my new life. It hasn’t even been a year, but it feels like I have been here forever.

I was walking down the road the other morning to the gym (yes…I’ve finally decided to get back in to a healthier lifestyle) and as I was standing at the traffic lights, at 5.30am, outside the Finsbury Park Mosque on a balmy 14 degree summers morning (!!), it occurred to me how my new routine and reality no longer seem out of the ordinary.

My route isn’t new, the sights aren’t new, I don’t get lost (as much), I don’t get excited at the “new-ness”. Life is just life now, to the point where I laughed at the idea that the daily commute over the harbour bridge back home would now seem more strange than my daily commute on a tube and a train from one side of London to the other. How and when did that happen?!

I love home and I do have the very occasional day where I miss it dreadfully (and more frequently a drunken night where I call my nearest and dearest om repeat – sorry) but nine days out of ten, I couldn’t imagine life back in the 09.

I’m working on incredible work projects, I’m making the absolute best friends at work, I’m trying out new restaurants and bars (& dance floors) with my best girls – AKA the flossies, I’m spending quality time with my English family, I’m meeting new people and travelling on average every 6-8 weeks.

Life’s pretty good.

London. My new normal.

Sarah x


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