There’s a relatively obvious list of Do’s and Don’t’s to accompany a relaxing weekend out of London in the countryside with your best friend…

♥ DO read, lay in the sun, go for long walks
♥ DON’T feel obliged to exert ones self or make/stick to plans – ever
♥ DO drink red wine and/or gin and tonic and eat from incredibly put together platters
DO DON’T book flights – after midnight, after one (or three) too many gins, without having had any leave from work approved


On the back of this Do’s and Don’ts of a typical bestie weekend away in the country….I think it’s safe to assume what happened here. Yup, we woke on Sunday morning from our gin assisted beauty sleep with more than just a Hendrix headache. A routine morning phone check held the evidence of what we did the night before. An extremely exciting but slightly startling way to wake up.

Although our act of impulsive (/drunk) flight booking resulted in slight shock in the early hours of Sunday morning, it allowed for an inspiring Sunday afternoon of research – in which we found this little gem.

The article – now similar to an eastern bible for us western girls – nicely aligns with the key learning’s from our sporadically booked trip to Turkeys capital.

What not to do in Istanbul…

The perfect fuel for our wanderlust-full souls, hearts and spirits about to embark on their first trip to this part of eastern Europe.

80 sleeps till Dumb and Dumber Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum take on Turkey!

In the words of my Turkish landlord when anything good happens –



Sarah x


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