travel roulette


If you’re a keen-bean traveller like I am, Skyscanner will already be your best friend. It finds you the cheapest possible route to the next destination on your wander-list. But my favourite feature of this site? The little thing I like to call Travel Roulette; the Cheap Flights tool. It scans any airport, in any country and brings up a list of destinations for you in order of price and potential month of travel.

wander-list might be wander-ful to work your way through…but the reason I love this roulette game is because it opens your eyes (and your wallet) to a multitude of new destinations, cultures, languages and currencies. I have a wander-list that I’m pretty dedicated to ticking off, so why am I scouring this skyscanner tool and not sticking solely to my list?…

◊ Thinking outside the box TICK!
I have never even heard of at least 75% of the places the list pulls up – let alone given them any consideration to venture to. Bratislava,  Gothenburg, Brno…I mean, they may not be on my current list, but how do I know that they wouldn’t have made the list if I had of known or thought about them? …I don’t! The only way to find out is to do some research and get there.

◊ Economical and affordable TICK!
Yawn, yawn, yawn…travelling costs money and is often a huge factor in not being able to travel to certain places or as often as I would like to… (*cough* Sardinia this summer). However, with flights often being as low as £20 – £30 on this roulette wheel, it definitely makes European travel more affordable and therefore more regularly possible. I really don’t see a negative travelling to unheard of places when it’s so affordable – seriously, why would you not go somewhere new?!

◊ Whimsical TICK!
Anyone who knows me knows that I love to do things on a whim. So this little skyscanner game is right up my alley. You never know what destinations it will pull up or for when – it’s like you’re playing Spin to Win; globe edition! Don’t get me wrong, I understand the pro’s of planning a trip, but to me there’s nothing better or more exciting than making a last-minute, unplanned decision. Getting on a plane/train/bus, with a lonely planet guide in hand, having no idea what I’m going to do when my feet touch down on foreign ground is my idea of fun. The other thing I shamefully love? The  bragging rights that comes with each impending departure – how cool is it to be able to have this kind of conversation at work mid-week with your colleagues?;

What are you doing this weekend?
…going to *insert European destination here*
Oh…ok, cool!?

Shearie and I have recently been feeling the side effects of the sometimes harsh rat race that is London life (despite my recent Italian adventure...) and have therefore been playing travel roulette, itching to find our next destination. I can’t begin to explain the importance I place (and addiction I have) on making the most of my European doorstep. As of this morning, we spun the wheel and booked our next adventure. In a few weeks time we will be exploring Oslo, Norway for the weekend – which only set us back a mere £34 return! $70NZD!



Pass på Norway!

Sarah x


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