There’s a relatively obvious list of Do’s and Don’t’s to accompany a relaxing weekend out of London in the countryside with your best friend…

♥ DO read, lay in the sun, go for long walks
♥ DON’T feel obliged to exert ones self or make/stick to plans – ever
♥ DO drink red wine and/or gin and tonic and eat from incredibly put together platters
DO DON’T book flights – after midnight, after one (or three) too many gins, without having had any leave from work approved

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the beauty of an escape


Living in London is great. It’s fast, it’s vibrant and it’s busy – a far cry from the quiet serenity of the North Shore of Auckland. There is always something to do and that is part of my new homes beauty. You can never really claim boredom in England’s capital, however sometimes it gets exhausting, draining even.

When I used to feel exhausted at the end of a long week back home, I’d head home from work, cross the harbour bridge and escape to one of the nine beaches within a few minutes drive or walk from my doorstep. Whether it be walking around the rocks, sitting on the sand, or going for a swim; the beach was always my escape – my haven. Over here it’s a lot harder to escape. Firstly, I don’t have a car to jump in to and drive off in to the wilderness in – but also, I’m now miles from a coastline – which although is something I knew I would struggle with, my prediction being correct doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Continue reading

travel roulette


If you’re a keen-bean traveller like I am, Skyscanner will already be your best friend. It finds you the cheapest possible route to the next destination on your wander-list. But my favourite feature of this site? The little thing I like to call Travel Roulette; the Cheap Flights tool. It scans any airport, in any country and brings up a list of destinations for you in order of price and potential month of travel.

wander-list might be wander-ful to work your way through…but the reason I love this roulette game is because it opens your eyes (and your wallet) to a multitude of new destinations, cultures, languages and currencies. I have a wander-list that I’m pretty dedicated to ticking off, so why am I scouring this skyscanner tool and not sticking solely to my list?…
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