itchy for istanbul


I’m sitting in the office, working on mundane spread sheets, on a typically routine midweek day and I find myself staring out the window. I’m in my own world, away with the fairies (standard) gazing longingly at the plane flying over head – the travel itch that was only scratched last weekend in Rome, is back! And boy is it alive and kicking!


I recently heard from an…old friend relative stranger new friend guy back home we’ll call, Kokako. His message sung my current adventure-craving song perfectly;

I’m starting to feel like I need another adventure. I think when I’m lost on a journey in some strange place where everything is new to me, it’s the only time I feel like I’m completely without regret. Here in this office you just feel yourself getting older in the glow of a laptop screen while the seasons change outside the window. You know? haha.. maybe I’m being dramatic.

No, Kokako, I don’t think you’re being dramatic – I feel ya! This tune always rings true in my ears – but today? Today, it’s more like an anthem on repeat than a one hit wonder. I would definitely prefer a travel glow to my current laptop glow….sigh.

Within a click of a mouse, I’m lost in Istanbul, moving my longing gaze to the images and stories featured on World of Wanderlust’s 5 Must See Sites post.

#getmethere – now!

Freight Midpoint Istanbul

Istanbul – I’m coming for you!

Sarah x



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