six months a londoner


Today marks six months to the day since I landed in LondonSix months!! Time flies when you’re;

a) having stupid amounts of fun
b) scrambling in the stress excitement of finding your new feet
c) ridiculously busy all the time
d) all of the above  ← ← ← ←

I think I can say I have found my feet now, life feels normal – so much has happened in the last six months that life back home almost seems like a distant memory. I miss home more than I did in the first three months for sure…I definitely see the beauty in the comforts of home, I without a doubt crave the serenity that is New Zealand and I genuinely miss the laid back, down to earth kiwi attitude and lifestyle. On the contrary, I love that I’m out of my comfort zone, I have aligned with the hustle and bustle of this huge city and am living and breathing the fast paced London attitude and lifestyle. I guess after six months in London, I’m learning that I’m becoming, and that I should continue to be, pretty resilient.

1. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity
2. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

I have found this word interesting this month and thus spent a bit of time thinking it. My surrogate English father figure has said to me on a few occasions that he is blown away by my resilience. The first time he mentioned it I didn’t understand what he meant, the second time I questioned how on earth resilient was a verb to describe me and the third time around I decided that perhaps I am – but not because it’s who I am as a person necessarily, but because it’s part and parcel of being a kiwi. Pretty cool national trait right?

Looking back; my fourth, fifth and sixth months have been some of the hardest and most testing months of my life. Moving my entire life to the other side of the world, without my friends and family is actually a lot bigger, scarier and sometimes lonelier than I ever thought it would be. In saying that, these hard months have also been the most fun, most rewarding and most defining. I’m not embracing the moaning characteristic of the stereotypical Pom and I won’t go on and on about how hard life can be here because I chose to do it and it is a whole lot of fun – but the simple fact is, life in London can be hard and it can be really quite draining. Granted some of my highs and lows of late probably could’ve happened wherever I was in the world – I get that – but I think that what makes it harder here is that re-grouping, re-cooping and re-covering isn’t as easy as it would be back on the beautiful North Shore of Auckland. But – here comes the resilience – I’m getting on with it and having fun while doing it – a lot of fun!

Resilience is a beautiful thing, but not only that, it’s a kiwi thing. We’re born with it, we grow up with it and we take it with us everywhere we go. We’re tough us Kiwi’s – and what I’m learning about myself is that I’m tougher than I sometimes give myself credit for. I do in fact have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, heartache and knock backs and carry on – even out of the comfort zone of my homeland.

…don’t get me started on the recent tube strike, my dodgy Mafia like landlord and excessively demanding clients though…

So in essence, six months in, there have definitely been some ups and downs and it’s not always easy – but I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing and I don’t see myself returning to the land of the long white cloud any time soon. I love my London Life – the highs, the lows and anything that glitters in between.

Sarah x


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