my sights of boodapesht


Budapest Snow

Buda Snow 8

Buda Snow 1

Buda Snow 7

Buda Snow 6

Buda Snow 3

Buda Snow 5

Budapest City Markets 6

Budapest City Markets 5

Budapest City Markets 4

Budapest City Markets 3

Budapest City Markets 2

Budapest City Markets 1

Budapest City Markets 9




Fishermans Bastion

hungarian parliament by night

Olympic Rings Budapest


Buda architecture

danube panorama 2

Sarah x



2 thoughts on “my sights of boodapesht

  1. Oh wow! Those pictures are great lol makes me want to go there now.
    I believe its spelt Budapest though (even though they pronouce it Budapesh – its because it was originally two cities, Buda and Pesh, that ended up joint as one).
    I hope you enjoy your time there! I find it to be the most beautiful part of Hungary :)


    1. Yes, I realise that – I was writing Budapest as my friends and I were taught to pronounce it by our local friend we made there! It definitely is very beautiful even though it was freezing in February when we went! :)

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