the ideology of a traveller


“The body of ideas and/or system of beliefs and theories, reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, a group, a class, or a culture”

I recently read the below points made by a fellow traveller and wanted to share some of the interesting – & now slightly tweaked – ideas to keep in mind when embarking (or considering embarking) on a new journey;

* Travel as far as you can – but never forget your roots

* Never lose your sense of wonder, there is always something waiting for you to explore

* Family isn’t always blood – no matter how big or small your incredible blood related family is, your network can and will expand when you’re travelling or living away from home – an absolute blessing if you find yourself in this situation (a huge thank you to my surrogate family – you know who you are!)

* The more you see & explore the harder it is to stop – basically, travel is addictive

* Don’t ever forget to pack your courage, your adventure spirit and a map

* It is important to capture some moments though the lens but never forget it is more important to capture them in your mind, body and soul – don’t just spend your adventures behind a camera or phone as you’ll miss the real and ‘in-the-moment’  beauty of the experience, place and/or environment you’re in

* Your travels will show you how uncertain life is, so control less, expect less and enjoy more

* Treasure every moment, there is a chance you might never go back to that place again or see that person again – so make the most of it while you’re there

* Never compare, there is no such a thing as a better culture

* Life is not about possession – it’s about experience…always live these incredible experiences to the fullest

* You will lose your way many times – sometimes you need to get lost in order to find yourself

* Your travels will challenge you but remember you conquered the biggest challenge the day you stepped on that plane/

* It is your job to never stop rediscovering yourself – no one else can do this for you

* Never look back, don’t regret the past and try to never make the same mistake twice

* No matter what others think remember that if it makes you happy, it is worth it

* Home is where the anchor drops, where your heart is and where your soul is fulfilled – home is where you make it and who you make it with

The only thing I would add is to this list is;

Always have an open mind…a friend recently said to me that she thoroughly enjoys small talk with strangers (which to be perfectly honest slightly scares me). Why does she enjoy it and why should we all? Simple; everyone you meet has the potential to open your mind and offer a new and different perspective on life. This admirable mind-set and personality trait links nicely back to my favourite thing about travel – travel is all about opening your mind to the new, the different – not the right or the wrong!

Travel is good for the soul.

Just go —>


Sarah x


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