five months a londoner


For the last five months I have been lucky enough to have some more experienced Londoners sharing their tips, tricks and advice with me on life in London – you know who you are – thank you! I’ve been listening to them in awe, wondering how on earth I would ever become a ‘Londoner’ myself when there is just so much to learn. It dawned on me recently, after speaking to one of my favourites about his impending move to Lun-dun – that actually in the five months I have been here, I have acquired some of my own knowledge. So to celebrate I thought I would share my five top tips on transitioning in to being a Londoner; Continue reading


the ideology of a traveller


“The body of ideas and/or system of beliefs and theories, reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, a group, a class, or a culture”

I recently read the below points made by a fellow traveller and wanted to share some of the interesting – & now slightly tweaked – ideas to keep in mind when embarking (or considering embarking) on a new journey;

* Travel as far as you can – but never forget your roots

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thou shalt | hostel edition


After nearly three hard testing interesting months of hostel life during my OE in 2012, it was no surprise that some of the rules of thumb came flooding back from the deep, dark corners of my memory during my stay in Paris.

The noisy room-mates, hostel bars (/the scarily low cost of the drinks), pre-planned movements, cages, and thin privacy curtains – all make up the communal learning curve hostels help educate you on.

In my experience (and opinion!), as a hostel style traveller – or even just a decent, respectful human being – … thou shalt; Continue reading