four months a londoner


4 months
19 weeks
133 days

My first blog post was when I was four months out from my move to London – I had hardly told any one of my move at this stage – I was still trying to wrap my head around it all. I was scared, I was curious and I was desperate to just get there!

Now here I am, four months in – I can’t believe it! Firstly, I can’t believe I have actually kept up my blog for eight months, but mostly, I can’t believe that when I started this little baby, my life was so different to what it is today. Oh how much life has changed four months in to four months out.

In my fourth month as a Londoner I’m starting to realise that this is life. This is reality. The first three months were go, go go – they were new, they were different, they were unexplored – they were exciting! What I’m now encountering is normality. This is my life now. Hmmm.

I’m trying to grasp the concept of routine, stability and normality in my new surroundings. I have a huge commute everyday, I live in a tiny flat with no outdoor area, I work in pre established team and company, I have a new hairdresser, a new doctor – everythings all set up for me to just slot in to I guess. This is the new normal, my new normal. However the ‘new-ness’ of everything is naturally wearing off, therefore the excitement and the distraction of being away from home seem to be too. I’m having my first serious bout of homesickness 133 days into my new adventure.

I’m missing my friends , I’m missing the comforts of home, I’m missing my family, I’m missing the team at my old work and I’m missing the beach!

I know this is just a feeling and this feeling will pass. If I can go 133 days between bout’s I know I’m fine and actually I’m doing really well – but today, it’s hard, today I’m sad and today I wish I were home. I absolutely love London, I love living here and everything this city has to offer. I have an amazing job with a great bunch of people, a lovely flat with the best flatmate, some incredible friends, amazing travel opportunities on my doorstep and a wonderful English family support network. I know life’s good and on the whole I’m happy – but sometimes it hits you that as cool as London is – it isn’t home. I guess a feeling of flatness was inevitable after the hype and craze of the last few months – and I’m sure that’s all this is – but right now, four months in, I’m craving home. Pretty badly.


Sarah x


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