three months a londoner


I’m about a week late on my three months a Londoner post…but this monthly ‘my London life’ summary is going to be summed up in a loves and loathes – so far – fashion.

I’m a firm believer in finishing anything with on positive note – so I’ll start with the things I hate am finding… testing about London;


  • Processes – whether it be with your bank, phone provider, doctor or the tax department….each and every one is an absolute nightmare. Nothing seems to be simple or quick over here
  • Dog poo – apart from the fact that it’s dirty and gross, its unhygienic! – but in London, it’s anywhere and everywhere – all the time. ew ew ew!
  • Rubbish bins – or lack thereof, coming from such a clean, green, environmentally friendly country it’s shocking how few rubbish bins are available while you’re out and about
  • Meat – it’s colour (dull and grey), it’s texture (rubber), it’s fake size (pumped with water and goodness knows what else – which leaks out during cooking – spew!) is hugely uninviting and off-putting – I’m a voluntary part time vego over here, which definitely does not align with my New Zealand diet
  • Safe mentality – I’m stumped by the ‘safe’ ‘risk free’ mentality over here, whether its towards food, travel/holidays or simple day to day things – the Brit’s are a far cry from us give-it-a-go Kiwis
  • Recycling – the attitude towards it over here is appalling  – not cool London

Right, vent over.

There might be a few things on that list, but my loves definitely outweigh the loathes!


  • The tube – it might be underground, dirty and always crammed with people – but it allows you to travel around the entire city in a few lines, all day and soon to be all night, missing all of the traffic – it’s an incredible system that shouldn’t go un mentioned. North Shore to  Auckland Central traffic eat your heart out
  • Theatre – being a self confessed musical addict, I’m in my absolute element with the array of musicals on offer 7 days a week
  • Eating out – when you step away from your local pubs who serve the standard, uncreative British food and venture central, the number of quirky, fun, ‘eats’ is incredible; my current favourite is FlatIron in Soho – beautiful meat (bonus!) and delicious cocktails (
  • Groceries – although the quality of fresh produce and meat doesn’t even come close to New Zealand’s ultra high but natural standards – you sure do pay a whole lot less over here on your weekly grocery bill. This week I have managed to make some pretty tasty (vegetarian) breakfasts, lunches and dinners within a £10-£12 grocery spend! Ridiculous
  • Scale – the sheer scale of this place is phenomenal – whether it’s budgets at work, sizes of crowds, number of markets to visit, restaurants to eat it or shops to shop in – there’s just so much to chose from and work with
  • Free magazines – free Stylist and Time Out magazines each week handed out free at your train stations – fab!
  • Travel – I’ve only put this at the end because it’s so darn obvious – it’s one of the main reasons for my move here…but you really can’t beat this place for being able to ‘pop’ somewhere incredible  on a whim – next weekend I’m catching the train to Paris – not a bad weekend destination

There are so many more things I could list in the loves section that this post could become endless, but I’ll leave it here…for now…to be continued

What are your loathes and loves of London?

Sarah x



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