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As luck would have it, the weather came to play for our last day of the four-day bank holiday Easter weekend.

Always ones to see the cup half full, the Finsbury Flossies embraced the sunshine, dared to remove a layer of clothing and ventured off to the infamous Camden Markets. Located on Camden High Street, Camden Market is an easy place to get to. We caught the bus from Stroud Green (our main road) to Archway and then jumped on the Northern line for a few stops to Camden. We hopped off and walked straight in to a sea of every man and his weird, wacky and tourist dog.

The Camden Market is open 7 days a week, but is notoriously busy during the weekend as it is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. The market has been alive and kicking for over 30 years and although it has seen some large changes over the years, it still offers fashion (interpretation/personal style dependent), crafts and an enormous range of mouth-watering food stalls from what seems to be every corner of the world.

Camden Markets 1 Camden Markets 6 Camden Markets 11 Camden Markets 13

From burning incense, to I love London memorabilia, studded leather pants, to Amy Winehouse statues, serious (…& I mean serious) Rave clothing and accessory shops to food stalls offering enough delicious samples that you don’t need to buy lunch – add people watching to the mix and you can’t walk away from the Camden Market less than impressed, entertained and/or amused. It just depends on your interpretation of it.

The only thing we purchased was some food – it took us over an hour to even decide what it was we wanted! We sampled nearly all of it, which in turn ended up being the problem as the delicious options made it even harder to make a decision on one meal. Missubie and Tink went for Roti wraps, Shearie went for a filled Italian Panini style meal and I – the annoying gluten-free one – went for the Paleo, gluten-free meal, consisting of, sizzling beef, hot plate chicken, Cauliflower rice, kale salad and tomato salsa.

Camden Markets 8  Camden Markets 2  Camden Markets 10  Camden Markets 3

From here we switched to the other side of the tracks, going from weird to wonderful – not saying Camden wasn’t wonderful, but it was more on the weird side of the W adjectives than the delightful Primrose Hill ever will be.

A short walk down the canal found us in this glorious area – cute cafes, expensive cars and little shops that reminded us of home – we all decided pretty quickly that if money were less of an object we would love to make this NW1 beauty, home. A few gelato’s later, we embarked on the upward hill climb to reach the top of Primrose Hill. On such a beautiful day, we definitely weren’t the only ones with this typical sunshine based idea – but it really was the best way to spend our last bank holiday afternoon.

Sitting on the top of the hill, in the sunshine with a view of the London skyline in all of its blue sky glory was surreal. I realised how quickly I had become numb and accustomed to where I was living. The day-to-day hard London life had clearly allowed my mind to overlook the fact that I was on the other side of the globe, in one of the most amazing cities in the world…with the very best girlfriends. I pinched myself, soaked up the moment, along with the much-needed vitamin d and relaxed.

Primrose Hill 2  Primrose Hill 3

Primrose Hill 5

The wind picked up so we packed up. We left NW1 and headed back to N4 – via Argos on Holloway Road to buy a vacuum cleaner – the idyllic afternoon was soon hit by reality.

All in all, it was a brilliant 4 day Easter break – a vast comparison to last years, which was spent on Rakino Island, off Auckland, with some of my absolute favourites, sitting in the sun on an island with no power, watching the boys catch fish and seafood to cook on the BBQ for our meals… – but different is good, new is good, London is good.

Sarah x


// Info ~
WHAT // Camden Markets, London
WHERE // Camden, North West London
WHEN // Open 7 days a week, 10am – 6pm
HOW // free entry
TRANSPORT // Northern Line to Camden Station
TOP TIP // Go with an open mind and an empty stomach
WEBSITE // http://www.camdenmarket.com

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