easter | contemporary culture at saatchi


After a blow out and some exercise, we decided the next thing on our Easter weekend to do list was some culture. We caught the Victoria line to Victoria changed to the District line and headed toward Sloane Square, Chelsea. A short walk found us at the Saatchi Gallery – our source of sophistication and culture for the weekend.

The Saatchi Gallery is an innovative forum for contemporary art and showcases work by predominantly unknown young artists and often international artists whose work hasn’t been shown yet in the UK. Popularity and awareness of contemporary art has grown both in Britain and abroad, making the Saatchi Gallery a bit of a Chelsea place to be seen.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly a frequent art gallery attendee – as much as I would love to sound cultured and sophisticated, I could probably count on one hand how many times I have been to one. Nevertheless, my first London art gallery experience was a positive one.

From blue plastic bags, to paintings of large…male genitalia, to a room of oil – the right hand sides of our brains were constantly creatively challenged and educated by the interesting pieces of work on display.

saatchi 2
Jorge Mayet – De Mis Vivos y Mis Muertos, 2008
saatchi 17
Jorge Mayet – De Mis Vivos y Mis Muertos, 2008
saatchi 4
Jean-Francois Bocle, Tout doi disparaitre! / Everything Must Go! 2014
saatchi 7
Alexandre da Cunha, Nude Vi, 2012
saatchi 11
Federico Herrero, Zipacna, 2014
saatchi 12
Federico Herrero, Zipacna, 2014
saatchi 14
Alida Cervantes, El Pretendiente, 2010
saatchi 16
Alejandro Ospina, Greba Orokorra, 2013

We left satisfied – slightly high from the oil fumes of the last room – but satisfied. We didn’t entirely know what to expect given the relatively unknown status of the showing artists, but it was a great way to spend an afternoon. The rest of the day was spent walking down Kings Road, SW1 with parts of it being a rather pretty and oh so Chelsea, area to say the least. There was lots of, resident/tourist/phoney people watching until we found ourselves a trendy pub to rest our weary legs and enjoy an early dinner together at Tommy Tucker in Fulham.

saatchi 3
Off Kings Road, Chelsea

By Sunday night, I had partied, exercised and partaken in some (someone un-educated) art interpretation. Not a bad Easter effort by the Finsbury Flossie’s so far!

Sarah x


// Info ~
WHAT // Saatchi Gallery, London
WHERE // Chelsea, South West London
WHEN // Open 7 days a week, 10am – 6pm
HOW // free entry
TRANSPORT // District Line to Sloane Square Station
TOP TIP // Pay the £1 to get the leaflet on the artists and work showing
WEBSITE // http://www.saatchigallery.com

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