easter | not a bad friday


Four days off. Bliss.

Thursday night, not surprisingly, found think and cinders with a bottle of red talking about the/our worlds. I even introduced and managed to hook her on a favourite card game of mine I just brought back from NZ; Phase 10. Never a bad way to kick off a long weekend.

Good Friday morning saw a few hours dedicated to catching up on work missed while in NZ and a walk to further explore my neighbourhood and neighbouring ‘burb’ Crouch End. Cute little town, very much like Mt Eden in Auckland. Cafès, stone churches, niche shops with a villagey vibe, definitely somewhere to go back to with the flossie’s for brunch and a good coffee.

Good Friday night involved (another) bottle of red and a Turkish BYO restaurant in Dalston with some of the extended Kiwi crew. In true Turkish style, we walked in tooth restaurant via the enormous mangal and enjoyed a night of a vast variety of grilled meats, hummus, dips and breads. Our rubber arms were twisted and we found ourselves falling down the stairs in to a grungy, but cool, east London bar on Kingsland High Street. The night didn’t seem to stop there, as the bar filled up, back we went to one of the girls flats to party in to the wee hours; heads up, absinth, an easter egg hunt and dancing to 90’s hip-hop and r&b kept us occupied. In a blink of an eye it was 5am – not the quite the quiet night Shearie (aka trouble) and I had had in mind – but fun nevertheless. Not at all surprising considering the company ;) We crawled in to bed for a few hours before craving the comforts of our own beds. On the bus we hopped, feeling as though we were taking part in a walk of shame. Catching the bus from east London to north London at 7am on a Saturday morning introduced us to some interesting characters of Bethnel Green – of whom we weren’t overly impressed with… however who we were to judge; we were on the bus and in our clothes from the night before after a mere 2 hours of sleep – we fitted right in really, it would have been a fair call if they had thought the same of us – awkward. 

Arriving back to my white haven of a bedroom was luxury. A bottle of water, an eye mask and a few hours sleep on a Saturday morning could cure anything…right?

Sarah x


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