home is where…


I had the most amazing week at home, the blue skies, the sun, the beaches, the general views, the people, the wedding and the fresh creative food – my 7 day break in NZ was short but sweet.

It wasn’t as much of a holiday as it was an exercise being home, there was always something to do, someone to see, and someone to help get down the aisle.

It was the most special experience being a part of Mr and Mrs Glass’s special day. Murphy’s law, it of course had to be  the one day of rain – however the weather definitely didn’t dampen our spirits. As I sit here blogging in my bridesmaids dressing gown, my eyes go glassy and my skin prickles with goosebumps thinking back to the day we had on March 27. Standing by one of my best friends sides, while she not only looked her most beautiful, but more importantly looked her happiest, was nothing short of magical. It was beyond worth the 74 hours of travel I endured to be a part of it – I am so honoured to have been chosen to be up there with them and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. A day I’ll never forget.

The short amount of time I had back in the land of the long white cloud, had to be relatively scheduled – which is not my idea of fun – but had to be done. Friends, family and the wedding were priority, but my life was made so much easier with the incredible effort my special friends put in to spend time with me before I headed back to the land of the multi-cultural, pub laden grey cloud. My days were spent on a shared schedule (literally written for my by the bride and my amazing friend), and went something like this…

~ Sunday = besties // my nearest and dearest turning up at my parents place for bubbles and GP specialty nibbles

~ Monday = Mum // a day solely with my mum, and her friends, exchanging stories and adventures around London, comparing transport routes and how our lives are somewhat overlapping

~ Monday arvo = the new dream team // cuddling a friends new baby who I watched the pregnancy unfold and discussing how much both of our lives have changed over the last 9 months

~ Monday PM = Dad // roast lamb, on the BBQ with fresh NZ vegetables, cooked by my one and only personal chef aka my amazing dad – while spending the evening talking with my incredible parents about my new life was an absolute highlight

~ Tuesday = Lilabef // spending the entire afternoon drinking rosè and eating what I now appreciate at fresh, creative (NZ standard) food at a gorgeous new restaurant in Parnell with my oldest friend in the world – planning her European adventure which includes 4 whole days in London!!!

~ Wednesday = Mrs Glass // picking up the wedding dress, final fittings and learning to how to dress her, photography venue sourcing and spray tans

~ Wednesday night = the male of the three best friends // Rosè, Thai and classic mid-week catch ups in Ponsonby like old times

~ Thursday = Mrs Glass & her girls // manicures, pedicures with Mrs’s Glasses girls, brides family, grooms family and her bridesmaids

~ Thursday = the other female of the three best friends // extended work lunch break, while talking a million miles an hour to try due to excitement to be in each others presence and the sheer fact that we talk about everything and everything

~ Thursday arvo = Mrs & Mrs Glass // wedding rehearsal and family BBQ

~ Friday = Mr & Mrs Glass // wedding day!! The best.

~ Saturday = Mr & Mrs Glass // post wedding brunch with the family and wedding party followed by some tearful goodbyes

~ Saturday evening = the three best friends // pre drinks, dance routines, photo shoots, weirdness and copious amounts of laughter

~ Saturday night = rest of the crew // wines, loud noises and dinner at the one and only Nashiki with the extended crew, shots, d-floor and macca’s

~ Sunday = the three best friends & the parents // morning debrief of the night before, followed by packing and time at home

~ Sunday afternoon = after some tearful goodbyes, I embarked on what ended up being a 42 hour journey back to my N4 abode…

All in all, a jam-packed, fun-filled, very special 7 days.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, true friends (& family) shine bright when you’re away from home. I am so lucky to have the most amazing friends and home base back in NZ who I will never take for granted. But the sparkle I’m chosing to look at from the sadness of leaving, this time for a lot longer than last, is that just like air to a flame, distance to relationships fuels the strong and extinguishes the weak.
I know that real relationships with friends, family and those you love prove themselves over time and the globe. My family and friends are forever, just like NZ is. NZ may not be my literal definition of home for a few years, but it will always be home in my heart.

In saying all of this, leaving wasn’t as hard as I’d been worried about (although in true cinders nature there were tears the entire way through customs and walking down the air bridge on to the plane…) as right now, London is home. It’s where I need to be and where I want to be.

The Finsbury Flossies are both my family and my friends, – along with my extended English family, N4 is home, Europe is on my doorstep and the speedy, crammed lifestyle is the norm. I love New Zealand but coming back has made me realise even more that I’m where I need to be. London definitely has quickly become my home – for now.

I feel like my new life has only just begun – there is so much more to see and do – especially with the 4 day Easter break inviting explorations and adventures!

Home is where…the heart is, but also where you chose for it to be.

Sarah x


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