easter | feast in the east


… as made obvious in my last post, Saturday morning didn’t stand much of a chance. It was spent curled up in bed with a bottle of water in hand, trying my hardest to sleep in my non curtained daylight ridden bedroom.

The time came when I realised I didn’t want to waste the entire day in bed, so I manned up, rose and had a shower preparing for an afternoon out. I only made it to Westfield Stratford – hardly the day-time adventure I had in mind, but impressive really given the lack of sleep and dehydration illness I was suffering from.

After battling the crowds missubie and I headed to Haggerston, E8, to attend the final night of the famous Street Feast night markets in Hawker House. These night markets are a usually an outdoor thing, however this winter they created a three level pop up market indoors to conquer the cold. Each level offered delicious smells and tastes from London’s finest food trucks and street vendors, pop up bars and DJ’s. Street Feast is an energetic foodie haven seemed to attracts a typically east london crowd – eclectic and cool – in my hung over state and non thought about outfit, I felt a bit out of place – especially when we realised we were mixing and mingling with the gorgeous MIC gal Millie and her hubby Professor Green.

street feast 4  street feast 2

The lower level was dark, smokey and had an industrial feel with unfinished rough concrete floors and string lights, while the top-level was a bit more wine-bar, lounge like, with sofas, candles and slightly less dim lighting. We decided to make base on the second level, a mixture of the two atmospheres and bought ourselves a Kamm & Sons spritz. We found a bar leaner to purch on and enjoyed our grapefruit and lemon based cocktail – to be honest I was surprised that I could even consider an alcoholic beverage – but it was so fresh that it did me the world of good. Trying to choose what to eat was the hardest part of the night, especially for missubie. My annoying gluten sensitive stomach limited me to a punnet of sweet potato fries… but every stand had such mouthwatering food on offer I had serious food FOMO. Dam you gluten!

street feast 1  street feast 5

The sights and smells of Crab Rolls from Bob’s lobsters, Breddo’s fish taco’s and Blecker Burger sliders drove me crazy – but it was the Korean “Yum Buns” that won Missubie’s heart stomach.

street feast 6  street feast 7

The 149 bus, the overground and the Victoria line got me home from E8 to N4 by nine and into bed I fell. I’m glad I made the most of my day despite my dehydration – I always love a good market, especially one with amazing food. #streetfeastldn moves back to Dalston next – I’ll definitely be back!

Sarah x


// Info ~
WHAT // Street Feast London
WHERE // Haggerston, East London
WHEN // Rotating circuits – check their website for the next pop-up
HOW // £4 tickets on the door – or free before 7pm
TRANSPORT // Shoreditch High Street or Dalston Overground stations
TOP TIP // Arrive with an empty stomach – not a place to be with no appetite!
WEBSITE // www.streetfeastlondon.com

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