lest we forget


Today I predicted a heavy dose of homesickness. With the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day falling in 2015 while I was overseas – I expected to feel about as far away from home as I actually am; 18,324km.

ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corp) Day is an extremely special day for both New Zealand and Australia; it commemorates all New Zealanders and Australians killed in war and honours returned servicemen and women.

April 25th marks the anniversary of the landing of New Zealand and Australian soldiers – the Anzacs – on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey in 1915 during World War One. Tragically, thousands of men lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign; 87,000 Turks, 8,500 Australians and 2,779 New Zealanders. Although New Zealand’s loss looks small in comparison, the 2,779 men were about a fifth of the Kiwi soldiers who served in Gallipoli – a huge number of young men from such a small nation with such a big heart – it hit us hard.

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three months a londoner


I’m about a week late on my three months a Londoner post…but this monthly ‘my London life’ summary is going to be summed up in a loves and loathes – so far – fashion.

I’m a firm believer in finishing anything with on positive note – so I’ll start with the things I hate am finding… testing about London;


  • Processes – whether it be with your bank, phone provider, doctor or the tax department….each and every one is an absolute nightmare. Nothing seems to be simple or quick over here
  • Dog poo – apart from the fact that it’s dirty and gross, its unhygienic! – but in London, it’s anywhere and everywhere – all the time. ew ew ew!
  • Rubbish bins – or lack thereof, coming from such a clean, green, environmentally friendly country it’s shocking how few rubbish bins are available while you’re out and about
  • Meat – it’s colour (dull and grey), it’s texture (rubber), it’s fake size (pumped with water and goodness knows what else – which leaks out during cooking – spew!) is hugely uninviting and off-putting – I’m a voluntary part time vego over here, which definitely does not align with my New Zealand diet
  • Safe mentality – I’m stumped by the ‘safe’ ‘risk free’ mentality over here, whether its towards food, travel/holidays or simple day to day things – the Brit’s are a far cry from us give-it-a-go Kiwis
  • Recycling – the attitude towards it over here is appalling  – not cool London

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très excité


Sitting at home sick and bored for the last few days with an unwelcome bug, coupled with some of my nearest and dearest planning their European adventures this summer, I have been reliving moments of my own European adventure of 2012.

Reminiscing was half a dose of heaven and half a dose of hell – I quickly realised that I had been so busy channelling the domestic goddess in me, worrying about jobs, homes, bedding, bank accounts and even vacuum cleaners – that I didn’t have any future travel plans in the works. Luckily Europe is on my doorstep – and so is summer – that bug I know and love so well quickly began crawling under my skin… Continue reading

home sick


Today I’m home sick. Literally and figuratively.

Struck down by the cold, I have been battling a cold for the past few days that much to my disagreement has gotten progressively worse… not better. This morning I woke with a fever and an almighty and painful cough from deep within. I felt absolutely awful – as you do when you can’t breathe through your nose and it hurts to breathe through your mouth, coupled with an almighty fever. As all children do, young or old, when you’re feeling less than your best the biggest comfort is your mum or dad. I instantly picked up the phone to my wonderful mother, who is an entire 23 hours away and played my sick overseas daughter violin. Off the back of her advice, I called the local doctor to register and get an appointment for today. Alas, you  can’t get an appointment to see a doctor for around 3 days after registering. I burst in to tears. I felt nothing short of miserable and didn’t even know how to drag my flu ridden, raging fevered body out of bed to the shower, let alone know how to fix it. I just wanted to be at home. Continue reading

easter | weird and wonderful NW1


As luck would have it, the weather came to play for our last day of the four-day bank holiday Easter weekend.

Always ones to see the cup half full, the Finsbury Flossies embraced the sunshine, dared to remove a layer of clothing and ventured off to the infamous Camden Markets. Located on Camden High Street, Camden Market is an easy place to get to. We caught the bus from Stroud Green (our main road) to Archway and then jumped on the Northern line for a few stops to Camden. We hopped off and walked straight in to a sea of every man and his weird, wacky and tourist dog. Continue reading

easter | contemporary culture at saatchi


After a blow out and some exercise, we decided the next thing on our Easter weekend to do list was some culture. We caught the Victoria line to Victoria changed to the District line and headed toward Sloane Square, Chelsea. A short walk found us at the Saatchi Gallery – our source of sophistication and culture for the weekend.

The Saatchi Gallery is an innovative forum for contemporary art and showcases work by predominantly unknown young artists and often international artists whose work hasn’t been shown yet in the UK. Popularity and awareness of contemporary art has grown both in Britain and abroad, making the Saatchi Gallery a bit of a Chelsea place to be seen.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly a frequent art gallery attendee – as much as I would love to sound cultured and sophisticated, I could probably count on one hand how many times I have been to one. Nevertheless, my first London art gallery experience was a positive one. Continue reading

easter | e is for…


Given that Easter Sunday is commercially the day of chocolate eggs..you’d think that my ‘e’ was for eggs.

Yes, I had an Easter egg for breakfast (who wouldn’t?!) but what my ‘e’ actually stood for this Easter Sunday was exercise.

Something the ‘e’ in my vocabulary isn’t overly used to.

Chocolate for breakfast possibly wasn’t the most substantial or nutritious base to start my new exercise regime on, however given the circumstances, I let it slide.

Shearie and I attended the Boxfit class at the gym down the road from our homes. 45 minutes of circuit training, sweat, breathlessness, gruel’s and giggles. It’s always hard exercising, especially when its your first time in a while (/forever), but when you’re with your best friend it really does make it a lot more enjoyable. Continue reading