…destination home


Airplane food, wine, sleeping aids, my kindle & earphones…ah the simplicity of the next 30 hours in the life of Cinders…

It’s only been sixty three days since I left home but not even the thought of cramped airline seats, pesky seat neighbour elbows, transit rooms or customs could dampen my excitement about flying back to the land of the long white cloud.

I’ll admit it feels odd to be going back so soon – I have only just set up my new life and already I’m trekking back to the other end of the world – before I have even had a chance to really miss down under. 

However nothing compares to family, friends, sunshine, the role as a bridesmaid at one of my best friends wedding….and being in the most beautiful country in the world. Who in their right minds would not want to see these views for the next week?


image1   image4 image7  image5image4  9697_10151370184939612_244510137_n

Ta’ra London; it might be a break from your grey skies, your cold, your rugby-ruck like commutes, your dirty tubes and your muddy river Thames but I’m sure I’ll miss your character, pace, endless exploring opportunities and your infectious charm – even if it is only for a week!

Sarah x


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