…destination home


Airplane food, wine, sleeping aids, my kindle & earphones…ah the simplicity of the next 30 hours in the life of Cinders…

It’s only been sixty three days since I left home but not even the thought of cramped airline seats, pesky seat neighbour elbows, transit rooms or customs could dampen my excitement about flying back to the land of the long white cloud.

I’ll admit it feels odd to be going back so soon – I have only just set up my new life and already I’m trekking back to the other end of the world – before I have even had a chance to really miss down under.  Continue reading


two months a londoner


Two months ago I landed at Heathrow airport with red, puffy post crying eyes to be greeted by my English friend we’ll call the pilot. I was actually more like a deer in headlights; a mixture of jet lag, shock of temperature (or lack thereof) and excitement. I guess overwhelmed would probably have been the best way to describe how I looked and was feeling.

Over the next few days, I was reunited with some of my best friends, enjoyed quality English family time, got lost more than once, wondered if I would freeze to death and managed to get more blisters than I had ever known possible. Never once however, did I come near to considering that my move was the wrong decision.

Two months later, my feet have toughened, my inner thermostat has adjusted (slightly), my legs are used to walking miles upon miles, my arms are used to having to carry shopping, groceries, suitcases and bags everywhere and my mind has worked its way around the tube lines. Continue reading

life begins here


I’m lying in bed, in my new home, on my first night trying to comprehend all that has happened in the last 8 weeks;

* I have flown 23 hours to the other side of the world with my life in a 23kg suitcase and a 7kg carry on bag

* I have been reunited with my very best friend and some of the most amazing girls I could ask for as friends

* I have been made to feel more than at home in a lovely two bedroom flat in North London with my bestie and her flatmate – a girl who I had never met but now feel like I have known my whole life Continue reading