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Travel time!

Ryan Air started off one of many European adventures and budgetly cheaply flew us direct from Stansted airport, London, to Buda Airport, Hungary – at £90 I was neither surprised nor should complain at the lack of leg room or the gritty filter coffee I paid £7 for (!!) mid flight.

We landed at 9.30pm European time and caught a taxi to our air b&b booked apartment. Budapest is a city of cultural diversity, stunning architecture, history and thermal baths. The city is divided in to two districts; Buda – on the eastern side of the Danube river, and Pest (pronounced pesht) to the Western side. Buda is supposedly a bit more upperclass – home to doctors, lawyers and old money, with pest tending to be a bit grimey yet fun and home to students. Our gorgeous apartment was situated on the pest side, however there was nothing grimey about it. It was warm, modern, dressed in IKEA and comfortably slept all 8 of us Kiwi’s embarking on a long weekend in the Hungarian capital.

PJ’s were thrown on but cards & vodka were brought out. After a few rounds of King Cup our pyjamas were quickly replaced and off we ventured to some local clubs. We arrived at Instant and noticed an extremely long line to get in – I innocently asked the bouncer the waiting time, to which he replied – in a hugely thick Hungarian accent “Tirty minute” – yet in the blink of an eye we were in. Sometimes standing out like a tall, blonde, tourist thumb works in your favour.

As tourists we seemed to be the minority and we were surrounded by local party animals. To paint a picture Instant was two blocks of flats magicked in to a forest. It had 23 rooms, six bars, two courtyards and four discos. A tequila shot only set us back 400ft (£1 / $2 nzd) and a vodka, soda was around 600ft (£1.45 / $3 nzd)…it’s safe to assume how this night ended.

Thinking of all of the exploring we wanted to do the following day, after a good few hours of solid dancing we left the thumping club pretty happy and grabbed a traditional Gyro’s… and some not so traditional pizza. We hailed a taxi van back to the apartment – paying the driver well over the metered rated as we felt guilty at how cheap it was (£5 / $10 nzd between all of us!).

A great taste of what the Budapest nightlife was all about; fun, loud and ridiculously cheap.

Buda Tequila  Buda King Cup

Sarah x


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