three weeks a londoner


Accomplishments and experiences during my third week in my new home…

* Monday night brought me the treat of an ex nz colleague. We met on regent street for a couple of (large) red’s and spent the evening catching up and laughing in the warmth of the pub. It was an amazing and slightly eerie connection that a friend from my old beloved work place was with me to hold my hand as I received the phone call about my new work place…

* Employment – tick! I made it through the rigorous interviewing process and was offered a role at an amazing integrated marketing agency in Wimbledon – I can’t wait.

* Tuesday morning brought us a gorgeous blanket of snow. I am starting to think that snow is beautiful from afar (/inside) but far from beautiful to actually be in – I stayed in bed and stared out the window most of the morning! What seems relatively normal to those from the UK was hugely exciting to us kiwi girls. My mount pleasant crescent flatties decided to throw snowballs at my window on their way to work. Oh the novelty!

* After the crisp, white blanket had turned in to a sludgy, brownish bog, off i trecked to Holburn to have lunch with one of my best friends and ex-flatmates from home and future london flatmate. Creatures of habit, we decided on asian fusion and went to a fave, wagamama. Typically we gossiped, giggled and caught up on everything, pinching ourselves that after nearly two years we were able to be speaking to each other in person and not via FaceTime – fab.

* Wednesday saw me shopping on oxford street for basically the entire day – just doing my bit to ensure the london economy is alive and kicking!
I then met a friend from New Zealand for dinner in a pub in Marylebone. It was so nice to catch up with a friend from New Zealand (who I haven’t actually ever spent time with in our home countries, as we met through boyfriends based in Brisbane). Familiar faces in this annonomous city truly is a blessing.

* Thursday saw me back on Oxford Street – shopping again. I’m blaming the whole new climate concept and the new job for my spending – a girl needs to be warm and must have some new work clothes right?

* Friday – travel day! Shearie and I ventured off on a power walk to the interesting shopping mall in Wood Green for last minute Primark necessity purchases for Budapest. After the boiler in our flat breaking & resulting in no hot water on a 0degree celsius day, we boiled the kettle and washed each other’s hair over the bath, sponge bathed ourselves with hot flannels before embarking on the wall, train, bus journey out to Standsted airport!

Week three – still loving it!

IMG_4935  IMG_4968

Sarah x


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