two weeks a londoner


After the exciting appearance of falling snow last night which interrupted (welcomely) our sushi date – I didn’t think the end of my second week in London could get much better. However, this morning I got up early, braved the 2 degree cold and ventured out on another touristy walk. Again, having to pinch myself to believe this was real – my home!

I managed to capture Big Ben (AKA Enormous Ben to 5-year-old me), Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus and stunning views of London at its best – especially from Waterloo Bridge.

After 5 hours of solid walking and a brief – yet unsuccessful – encounter with the Tate Modern, I returned home to our cute little flat in Finsbury Park. I am so lucky to have the very best friends, old and new, who have taken me under their wing, given me a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. I can imagine a city of this size and population would feel entirely different if you didn’t have wonderful friends like I do to welcome you with open arms.

This nest may not be Bond Street in Auckland, but the owls are here and it still feels like home ♥

Palace of Westminster

Big Ben Parliment Building

Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards Parade1 Hore Guards Parade2

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey1 Westminster Abbey2

Piccadilly Circus

Les Mis Piccadilly Circus


Waterloo Bridge London

Sarah x


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