destination london


* After staying with James for my first 24 hours in the UK, I catch a 25 minute train from Reigate to Gatwick Airport. I need to change lines, so climb up and down two flights of stairs to my next platform with my 23kg suitcase + 7kg hand luggage (entertaining for bystanders would be an understatement) and wait for the 1 hour train ride Farringdon Station

* Get off the train, enter the postcode i’m looking for in to google maps and take on the Friday night streets of London. Pretty quickly I find myself utterly confused and completely lost thanks to the N/S/E/W based directions – safe to say I am not my fathers daughter

* SOS call to Shearie; thank god for iPhones and internet

* Phone dies – sh*t

* While wandering the dark, foreign streets with my luggage, no phone and no map I resort to asking a bunch of strangers if they know where Vine Hill is. Not many do and those who do are drunk on the street outside various pubs for after work drinks….apprehensive to take their lead but really, who am I to question their word?

* Turns out the London Pub community are a more successful mapping source than google

* Reunited with my bestie and we instantly celebrate with a glass of red – queue excited squeals, giggles and hugs

* As per usual, our rubber arms are twisted and we end up in a packed pub with more red wine – suitcase and hand luggage in tow

* I’m back under the influence of Peer Pressure Shearer and a few wines later, we’re off to buy me an Oyster Card and embark on a drunken bus ride home to Finsbury Park – via KFC – clearly nothing has changed

* We finally make it home, borderline hypothermic, around midnight and jump on to the couch with our KFC, trashy tv and endless giggles

* My first night and it feels like home. I think i’m going to like London.


Sarah x


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