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When you know time is limited, you soak up as much as you can and you see things in a new light with almost fresh eyes. I have always known how beautiful New Zealand is, but this summer has only emphasised the immensity of this. After leaving work with a few weeks up my sleeve, I have spent my last weeks of freedom around New Zealand soaking up the sights, the sounds and the sun. Nothing beats listening to kiwi music on a sunny road trip to a beach, near or far. I am lucky enough to have always lived within a 5-10minute walk to a beach, but I still seem to regularly travel further during the summer months, only to find an even deeper beauty or simply, something different. Spoilt for choice us Kiwi’s.

Waiheke Island – Aaron Bayaaranbaywaiheke2aaranbaywaiheke1

Goat Island

goatisland1 dtgoat




Karangahake Gorge
karangahkaegorge1 SONY DSC

New Zealand has its own unique beauty, it isn’t perfect; it’s rough around the edges and its unique. It’s green, wild and raw. Shakespeares’ famous quote sums New Zealand up nicely I think;

She may be but little, she is fierce

We may be small, we may be simple but we are still fierce and put up a strong fight against most other countries in our beauty, it’s people, it’s sport and it’s patriotism. Between this post and my last post (the perfect end) it would be obvious to anyone as to why my excitement levels weren’t at an all time high for my relocation to London; I have had the best four weeks of summer, with the best people in the best country. It was hard at times to see the gold on my little red book for a while, but now that i’m on the plane landing in LA halfway to London, I know that my new adventure is hugely glittering in its own way. The glitter of the new, doesn’t dull the sparkle of the old, as the real gold is that NZ is home, and it always will be – regardless of where I am living.

Sarah x


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