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1 week tonight we’re off to Hungary; perfect weekend reading

Top 10 Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary.

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recreating churchill’s journey


I found it interesting on my walk around the city today that there were bunches of flowers at the base of the statue of Sir Winston Churchill – but thought nothing of it.

I found it interesting when I heard the bagpipes being played outside Trafalgar Square – but thought nothing of it.

Little did I know that today is the anniversary of the funeral of arguably Great Britain’s finest Prime Minister.

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two weeks a londoner


After the exciting appearance of falling snow last night which interrupted (welcomely) our sushi date – I didn’t think the end of my second week in London could get much better. However, this morning I got up early, braved the 2 degree cold and ventured out on another touristy walk. Again, having to pinch myself to believe this was real – my home!

I managed to capture Big Ben (AKA Enormous Ben to 5-year-old me), Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus and stunning views of London at its best – especially from Waterloo Bridge.

After 5 hours of solid walking and a brief – yet unsuccessful – encounter with the Tate Modern, I returned home to our cute little flat in Finsbury Park. I am so lucky to have the very best friends, old and new, who have taken me under their wing, given me a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. I can imagine a city of this size and population would feel entirely different if you didn’t have wonderful friends like I do to welcome you with open arms.

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one week a londoner


Today, after being in London for one week, I decided it was time I ventured out on the Piccadilly Line to do the tourist thing. Being a typical tourist is relatively cringe-worthy, but how else do you get your bearings, take the photos and feel the rush of being in a new, amazing city? So in the freezing but gorgeously sunny Friday weather, off on the dark blue line I went; Finsbury Park to Covent Garden…

Underground Covent Garden 4

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a taste of the east end


Exploring exuberant East London on foot, in three degree’s, for over five hours with three amazing Kiwi turn London locals was ambitious but impressive. We walked from Finsbury Park, through Higbury, Canonbury and off to the Columbia Road Flower Markets, around a few more of the East End’s famous markets – and back.

The Columbia Road Flower Markets come alive on a Sunday from 8am – 3pm and are quintessential East End London – emphasised by the barrow boy chat. The air is alive with the smell of fresh flowers, the streets are packed with bustling people scanning the stalls for anything from pot plants, to daffodils to roses – but hustling for nothing more and nothing less than a bargain; “a fiver”. Anyone who knows me will know that this place was like heaven; an abundance of beautiful flowers every where I looked. Continue reading

destination london


* After staying with James for my first 24 hours in the UK, I catch a 25 minute train from Reigate to Gatwick Airport. I need to change lines, so climb up and down two flights of stairs to my next platform with my 23kg suitcase + 7kg hand luggage (entertaining for bystanders would be an understatement) and wait for the 1 hour train ride Farringdon Station

* Get off the train, enter the postcode i’m looking for in to google maps and take on the Friday night streets of London. Pretty quickly I find myself utterly confused and completely lost thanks to the N/S/E/W based directions – safe to say I am not my fathers daughter

* SOS call to Shearie; thank god for iPhones and internet

* Phone dies – sh*t

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