1 // 4 // 31


1 month
4 weeks
31 days


Apparently I have a ton to do.

Apparently I haven’t really celebrated my move.

Apparently I’m not planning enough for my move.

Naturally i’m quite a relaxed person, a typical go with the flow, what will be will be, Pisces. I don’t like to plan, book or pack too far in advance of anything (much to my mothers frustration).  Although my countdown ap sitting at 31 days and I have brief moments of panic over said things I apparently need to do, the prospect of planning my relocation to the other side of the world is still a relatively uncomfortable thought.

When my news is broken to someone new, or the topic is brought up with people who know, my deaf ears seem to be on the receiving end of a list of now standard questions; how long are you going for, have you got a job lined up, what are you going to do when you get there, when will you be home etc. etc. etc…
I respond the same way each time; I have a one way ticket, a passport and two of my best friends there & i’m not really sure of anything more. My answer often finds them stumped and sometimes lost for words, leaving them with an awkward and confused smile while leaving me with shrugging shoulders and a nonchalant expression.

For me this experience is about Challenge, Change and Chance. I don’t think you can plan for the three C’s? With them comes trial, newness and excitement – none of which I believe are the by-product of planning. Often the best things in life are unexpected and therefore unplanned. You never know what sparkle lies around the corner and my current mantra for my relocation is that of “just wing it”… again, the below Elite Daily article backs this ideology up quite nicely…

“Stop leaving yourself disappointed with unfulfilled expectations stop trying to make a plan for every goal you have. The most exciting things in life are unexpected”

There’s glitter on my wings, even though some people don’t see it – but anything that glitters can actually be gold – you just need to choose to look for the sparkle


Sarah x