As I nurse a delicious glass of NZ Pinot Noir after a long stressful standard day at work, I find myself thinking about the concept of timing and how much it affects our daily lives – probably more than we give it credit (/discredit) for.

The concept of time is self-evident, we have grown up knowing and not really thinking twice about the lessons we learnt on time; one hour consists of 60 minutes, there are 24 hours in one day and 365 days in one year. It’s the figurative yet still somewhat literal aspect of timing that has me thinking…


Just like Gwyneth discovered in Sliding Doors, i’m discovering our paths and dreams largely hinge on timing. Choices and judgement’s, simple or complex, in our control or unbeknownst to us, can completely alter our day-to-day lives. Poor Gwyn’s fate was determined by missing her usual train home from work, resulting in the discovery that she was about to lose her job and she was being cheated on. Classic example of the Butterfly Effect – “a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”. This theory goes hand in hand with timing and is not only apparent in and/or a self titled Hollywood blockbuster but is a common and often disruptive incidence that plays out in everyday life. We can all put ourselves in these shoes and probably think back to a particular point or period of time when we made a choice or something out of our control took us on a different completely path to what could have or should have been.

Sometimes it’s that we meet a particular person or an opportunity arrises at the wrong time, thus the outcome is pre-determined and out of our control. The pre-determination might be welcomed, but the downside of these timely scenarios is that the outcome is often unwanted, unwelcome and seemingly unfair.

Alas – timing’s a b**ch!

When we come to a time-construed crossroad, how do we decide to go left or right when all we want is for the two paths to align so we can go straight? If only our ideal world existed right?! Timing has had a habit of not letting particular paths align for me but when I arrived at recent crossroad I knew there was a sparkle in both forks and it was going to purely come down to which path of glitter I chose to follow and which I left sparkling and unexplored. Perhaps the reason we find it so hard to choose a particular path is because we worry that not taking that fork will slowly dull the sparkle and it will end up a dead-end?  When paths sparkle equally as bright and it’s not a case wanting to take one more or less than the other, maybe we need to leave it in the hands of fate and know that if we’re meant to explore the path we didn’t choose, then we will. Maybe not now, but one day the Butterfly Effect could come in to play unbeknownst to us and put us in a situation where we find ourselves aligning with or crossing an old path, opportunity or person.

Sometimes the only available transportation is a leap of faith. It might be sad, it will be confusing and it might be one of the hardest decisions we might ever have to make – but  regret would undoubtedly be worse. My leap involves sacrificing some very special people and a pretty amazing job to move to London – but its the fork in the doubly sparkly crossroad I have chosen to wander and I’m placing my faith in fate and hoping trusting that one day and in some way, timing will be on my side. Who knows what card timing will play next but (warning…cliche ahead) – everything happens for a reason & what is meant to be will always find a way, after all –

anything that glitters can actually be gold, we just need to look for the sparkle.

Sarah x


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