to dream


I’m following my dream.
I’ve made my decision, I’ve booked my ticket and I’m moving to London. The dream is getting closer and more real by the day. Although the excitement is beginning to become uncontrollable at times, a small amount of that pesky thing called fear occasionally creeps in.

Dreams are something we all have every night – whether we remember them or not. They’re also something we all have throughout our lifetimes – whether we follow them or not.

Night-time dreams are interesting, more often than not they leave you confused – but this state of confusion can be fascinating really, it allows us to delve in to our subconscious and attempt to make sense of it.

Dreams are emotive; from happiness to sadness, hope to dejection – a dream will often awaken feelings within us when day breaks (or our alarm goes off) and we are pulled from the depths of our dream.

So why is it that we give things we want to do, paths we want to take, the same label? I see a dream as a warped sense of reality, after all, they’re not real and they always draw on so many feelings – feelings of which I usually don’t want to have to deal with! They can lead us to the front of the line for an early morning rollercoaster of emotion so… why am I using the same noun to label my next chapter?

I see the parallel in the reality I am currently facing; control – or lack there of. I can’t control how my move will go, I have no idea what is in store for me and I can’t predict or really plan what lies ahead. Same goes when your head hits the pillow each night. Sure you can try your hardest to control how your dream will result but at the end of the day (no pun intended) you can’t control it. Even if we could, would we really want to?

Nightmares occur, we know this but I think it all comes down to perspective. Although dreams and their outcomes are out of our control, what we we can always control is our perspective….& therefore our interpretation of the experience. In order to use these sometimes fearful experiences to our advantage, we need to do just that – alter our perspective to ensure a positive interpretation and experience. Even in a negative outcome there’s always a positive – we learn from it!

I think it is in the uncertainty of our dreams and the following of them, that the beauty of the concept lies. A dream is a mystical path that you just have to go with, ride out and have faith in.

Following my dream is huge, it has meant sacrificing the known and loved, for the unknown and questionable, but although occasional moments of fear may sneak up on me I know that all I will need to do is take a step back and change my perspective. Worst comes to worst, it’s just a plane ticket home if I hate it – but before I will allow myself the comfort of the last resort, all I’ll need to do is think of two of my best friends who are already there who I’ll be able to do endless cool, new things with, my incredible makeshift English family, the amazing industry which will be at my fingertips and the world renowned city I will soon be able to immerse myself in.

Oh and did I mention that I will have Europe on my doorstep, to travel as and when my heart (& bank account) desires? If that isn’t enough of a wake up call to change fear to excitement – I don’t know what will be.

The best situations and adventures often have parallels to and elements of fear – but if you look at it with the right perspective you’ll be able to see the sparkle and realise that anything that glitters can actually be gold


Sarah x


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