4 // 18 // 126


4 months
18 weeks
126 days

My countdown started at 27 weeks – back when I had hardly told myself, let alone my nearest and dearest – that I had made the decision to move across the world. I am now at the desk which will only be mine for another 3 months, pondering my new life. As I look out the window at the inner city state housing apartment block opposite DDB, which is more resemblant of a crack den than a home, I wonder what council flat developments will be in my new sight lines. The dull sky above flattens my mood, yet is something I am preparing to get used to. As hard as the highly spoken of dullness might be, I’m confident the sheer size, vibe and hype of the city will make up for the infamous bleak skies of London a hundred times over.

I’m slowly telling the most special people in my life of my plan – which is fun – but with spreading the word comes sadness, apprehension and sacrifice. The decision does feel right though and I haven’t once looked back since I found at the app store  downloading a countdown app and entering in my desired departure date.

Telling family in England has been comforting and reassuring – for which I will be ever grateful – and similarly, nothing beats the chat with my amazing two girlfriends who are currently residing in London. After nearly two years, Cinders will soon be reunited with her not ugly stepsisters. Discussing a girls getaway to a European destination feels surreal…the hardest decision being where to venture for the first of our winter expeditions; Budapest, Vienna or wherever Easy-jet may take us.

This is my motive, my dream and a huge factor behind my relocation; travel. Checking my countdown app is now my favourite part of the day.

Even in times of sadness, apprehension and sacrifice – anything that glitters can actually be gold, you just need to look for the sparkle


Sarah x


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