three years a londoner


For almost 28 years, I called the North Shore of Auckland, home. I was born and raised there, it’s where my generation of our New Zealand side of the family is from, where my schooling was and where my childhood memories were made. Before I made the move from the Land of the Long White Cloud to the Land of….clouds, I gave the whole ‘living away from my home comforts’ thing a bit of a go though…once, I actually moved a whole 18km over ‘the bridge’ from the Shore to Central Auckland. To be honest, it wasn’t all too long before I found myself washed back up on the Shore. It was in my bones & if it was good enough for Lorde, it was good enough for me.

Then I went a little crazy. Largely thanks to the luring of those central Auckland flatmates I had that one time, I took my previous 18km move and multiplied it by 1,000. Oh hey @FinsburyPark. Continue reading


the wonders of warsaw


On an early morning flight to Warsaw I wondered what more this Central European country had to offer than it’s well known war-stricken history. We landed, checked in to our quirky but impressive hotel and ventured out in to the zero degree, blue sky January day to explore. To me, the parallels of Poland were instantly visable; the sky was blue, but it felt bleak, the people were friendly, but they didn’t seem happy, the food, style and fashion seemed stuck in the past, but there were pockets of areas ahead of the game, neon lights were shining bright, but the city felt dim. Continue reading



Two ‘gals’ {sisters} in Portugal during a completely cloudless, warm summer – it’s safe to say what you’re picturing will be relatively accurate.

Laughter. Sunscreen. Cheese and crackers. Tanning Oil. Espresso Martini’s. Sand. 90’s tunes. Wine. Bikinis. Seafood.

We based ourselves in Lagos – one of the most visited towns on the Algarve coast. The town lies on the bank of the Rio Bensafrim, with piazzas and churches scattered throughout what felt more like a cobbled lane village, bordered with old town walls. For a tourist hotspot, Lagos has the lot I guess. It hosts a wide range of food options, you can walk almost everywhere and you can get a taste of the cliff formation style Atlantic beaches the region is famous for within a short walk of the centre of town. With a busy summer vibe, a non-daunting cultural influence and a pumping nightlife (from what we hear), I guess it’s not surprising that people of all ages are drawn to Lagos. However, it just wasn’t for me. Continue reading